Season 2 of Sacred Games is much more twisted than the first one, says Saif Ali Khan

The actor will resume his role as Sartag Singh’s inspector and revealed in an interview with PTI that he “lost a lot of blood, did not eat too much, ran too much and was not happy.”

“A lot of drama and movement are happening.” “I’ve played this character longer than anyone else,” Saif said. “I think he is the same person, he will not solve any problem, in fact, it may get worse, there is no time for roaming and sympathy.”

According to the representative, “he is still an incomplete and incomplete character and has an addictive nature on alcohol, drugs and pills.” He has a lot of confidence in many aspects.

On the same program, Saif revealed: “The second season is much more twisted and the team is so confident.”

“Season 2 is smart, it’s back to the past and the future, everything fits, the first season is absolutely essential compared to the second season, the second season is where we change the gears, the first season you know it, but in the second season, “He said.

“This story ends at the end of this season, so I do not know if it will extend it,” he said.

The Holy Games will be launched on Netflix on August 15.

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