Firdous Jamal’s ageist comments about Mahira Khan reveal our double standards

Firdous Jamal has what you say about Omar Mahira Khan, which is not true.

The veteran actor in the Faisal Qureshi al-Sabahi show, Salam Zindaji, played a game that gave advice to different actors.

In the picture of Mahira Khan, Fardous Jamal said: “You did not even ask me about my opinion, I’m sorry to say whether anyone likes her or not, but Mahera is not a hero. 65, she is not a champion. “She is also very old and we have no heroines in this age, she only plays the characters of mothers.”

First, “heroin stuff” looks strange.

From this, can we eliminate this old idea of ​​having “heroines” for a specific age group? The fact that our male representatives are not seen with the same examination is an argument we should not make in 2019.

In addition, Mahira has become on its own and is there to stay, not to meet its standards. No amount of shame for age could change that. We expected a better reaction from Faisal Qureshi, who was surprised by the comments of the veteran actor. But he chose to start the conversation himself: “Frankly, I hope that at least one of the Mahira films will be successful this year, because so far, none of the Mahira films have worked well.”

Later, Faisal explained that he also said many positive things that did not stand out. But we expected better defense of Mahera.

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