Punjab CM inaugurates three projects worth Rs1.5bn in Kasur

KASUR: Prime Minister Osman Bouzdar opened three major projects worth 1.5 billion rupees on Friday and laid the foundations for two other projects worth 220 million rupees in Kasur.

The Center for Safe City Authority, the Punjab Police Headquarters, the Control, and Communication Center, and the 1122 Emergency Rescue Center in Mustafaabad and Khudyan have also been opened, according to the booklet.

Mr. Bouzdar visited the city’s safe city center where he was given information about the project.

He spoke on that occasion and hoped that the safe city project would help maintain peace by identifying and arresting criminals in a timely manner, as well as assisting the authorities in other matters such as police emergency response. The estimated cost of the project was $ 12 million, but the current government had completed it with $ 9 million in seven months.

CM said that 450 CCTV cameras have been installed in Kasur and that a 160-km optical cable has been placed.

He said that number recognition systems and registration number will be installed in stages.

He said the regime in Kasur was linked to the headquarters of Lahore, which would help monitor the Kasur region of Lahore. Safe urban centers were being established in Nankana Sahib and Chikopura and the concept of changing police culture was practical.

Subsequently, the board meeting of the safe city of Punjab in Kasur was held under the supervision of the Board of Directors. Also attending the meeting were Provincial ministers Bisharat Raja, Hashim Dogar and Asef Nakai, including Makhdoom Reza Ali and Samira Ahmed, first secretary of IGP, ACS (home page) and others.

Later, Mr. Bouzdar planted a small tree in the DPO office, as well as laying the first stone to build the tehsil complex and housing for doctors and paramedics at THQ Hospital in Kot Radha Kishan.

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