Police pick up suspect from Bhara Kahu in girl’s rape case

Islamabad: I learned that the young man was arrested by police in the capital of Bharat Kaho district in connection with the case of an attempt to rape and kill a four-year-old girl after being identified by the victim.

“About a week ago, the assistant commissioner of the girl’s statement was enrolled in award of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, where she was receiving medical treatment,” officials familiar with the investigation said.

Officials said the girl was playing outside her house with her brother in the rain, adding that she returned home after her brother went to buy bread for the neighbors.

Quoting the girl, officials said she went to her balcony to enjoy the weather when her neighbor scared her, saying there were demons on the terrace. They said that in light of the victim’s statement, the police arranged pictures of five people living in the house next to the girl. They said the pictures were presented to the girl, but she did not accuse any of them.

Later, the girl’s father told police that seven men were staying at home, including a man and his five children, adding that he had also asked the police to bring the picture of the remaining son to the children. Neighbour.

“It took two to three days to fix the image of the remaining son, and when he was introduced to the girl, I identified him as the culprit,” they said. They said that after identification, investigators picked up the suspect.

The suspect belongs to a family of nine (six parents, six brothers and one sister) and worked with a lawyer as secretary. His father retired as a university employee.

A police officer told Don, on condition of anonymity, that it was a blind case and that investigators were waiting for the victim’s statement, and after the suspect was identified, he was arrested.

The family of Balochistan has stayed in Bahara Kaho in recent years. On the day of the accident, his parents were abroad to attend a wedding.

The officer said he was under investigation and the police were collecting evidence against him, adding that the lie detector test would also be conducted.

When contacted, the victim’s father confirmed that the girl had identified the suspect and that the police had arrested him.

A spokesman for Pims Dr. Waseem Khawaja said the girl came out. He added that a team of medical specialists examined him before recommending his discharge from the hospital.

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