Man arrested for chaining minor son at the tea shop

Peshawar: Local police found a minor child and arrested his father after the pictures became viral on social networks and showed that the boy was chained to a cafe in the Naseerpur area here.

Officials of the Shamkani police station arrested the man, Sardar Khan, and brought him to the court of the judge, Hamidullah Khan, who sent him to prison.

Later, the child was handed over to his family members, including his older brother and uncle, who promised not to treat the child ill-treated again.

The pictures of the younger boy appeared on Thursday, showing one of his legs chained as he did some homework in a small cafe.

At first, it was assumed that someone had kept him chained and forced to work, but later learned that the store was run by his father and that he had been tied to the leg.

An official at Dawn’s Shamkani police station, because there is no clear text in the law available, currently recorded a report in a newspaper and kept the father, Sardar Khan, in Section 107 of the Communist People’s Party, which was about the person who might have committed Violation of public calm.

Under this provision, the court can release you after the bond is delivered.

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