A new species of seedless mango makes its way to Islamabad’s Mango Festival

A variety of seeds were presented at the festival in Centaurus Shopping Center along with other mangoes.

“The seed-free mangoes are under development at Multan University, and our research center has realized that this variety can be commercially promoted,” said an official at the university.

Mango without seeds is a large fruit with a large amount of pulp and its seeds are very small. The group was accidentally developed in a private garden in the Shogabad district of Multan.

“We are testing the diverse group and may take three to four years to complete,” the official said. The festival also showed high-quality Sangro mangoes weighing up to 750 grams each. Other items offered included China, Anwar Rater, Langara, and Dosari. There were also many lesser-known items that were exported.

The festival was opened by UAE Ambassador Obaid Ibrahim Salem Al Zaabi, Minister of Agriculture of Punjab, Malik Naaman Langrial and Chairman of the Investment Board of Punjab, Sardar Tanweer Elias. The festival was organized in cooperation with the Mango Multan Institute and the Bir Mehr Ali Shah Institute.

Speaking to the media, Sardar Tanweer Elias said the festival was organized to facilitate the interaction of foreign dignitaries directly with producers, researchers, and exporters.

“VIPs will have direct access to a wide range of mangoes produced in Pakistan, as most foreigners avoid traveling to the cities of Punjab where these exhibitions are traditionally held,” said Elias.

With an area of ​​more than 170 million hectares, Pakistan is the fourth-largest producer of mango, with more than 1.70 million tonnes a year, of which about 64,112 tons are exported.

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