Man arrested for exposing himself, sexually harassing girls in Lahore

The Lahore police arrested a man who persecuted a group of girls and sexually harassed them on the road earlier this week, Saturday afternoon.

The action was taken after a social networking user on Thursday described the terrible experience she and her friends had acquired in a series of tweets.

The girl, a student, said she was returning home with a group of girls while riding a motorcycle cart when a man on a motorcycle started chasing them on the Raiwind Road.

After getting as close as possible to the vehicle, the suspect began showing himself to the girls, to quote the tweet. The girl said she took out her mobile phone and took pictures of her licensees’ license plate and license plate. “This is the kind of society that girls are afraid to get out of,” says the accompanying text on Twitter: “We have to face this behavior.”

When taking note of the girl’s account, the Metropolitan Police Officer (CCPO) ordered the BA to take immediate action against the suspect. In the images posted on social networks, the suspect was seen wearing a helmet, but his motorbike number was clearly visible.

In accordance with the CCPO instructions, a special police team led by the police chief of Sadd, Asef Saifullah, launched an investigation and arrested the suspect within hours after using the video and photographs published by the victims. He was prosecuted under Section 294 (Unlawful Acts and Songs in Public Places) General) of the Pakistan Criminal Code.

The victims complained that the suspect made insulting comments and attempted sexual harassment.

According to the police, the suspect is an engineer and keeper of the Koran who led Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan. Police said the man had been charged with similar crimes in the past. When the police called him, his family said they were not aware of his behavior.

After the suspect was arrested, social media users praised the Lahore and CCPO police for their quick action.

“This action he has done has created some confidence in the Punjab police,” wrote an Internet user.

“The victory for us all [especially] for all girls who are harassed almost every day and raise their voices! Thank you @ CCPO.”

While the CCPO, with its appreciation for SP Saifullah’s performance, warned the dishonest elements that harassment of women would not be tolerated. “Anyone who tries to harass women will be sent to prison,” the Bibliotheca Alexandrina said.

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