Zulfi Bukhari, Ivanka Trump discuss cooperation for human development in Pakistan

The Minister of State for Expatriate Pakistanis, Mr. Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari, met with the daughter and adviser of US President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kouchner, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Resources Development said. Saturday.

According to the official Twitter account of the ministry, Bukhari and Ivanka agreed to increase cooperation between Pakistan and the United States on several fronts.

The ministry said Ivanka had shown interest in working in the women’s development sector and had expressed interest in initiating projects in Pakistan.

Bukhari said he was grateful for Ivanka’s interest in empowering Pakistani women. “We will create opportunities for human development through cooperation between Pakistan and the United States,” the official said. “Relations between Pakistan and the United States are moving in the right direction and we will work together to empower our men and women,” the prime minister’s adviser said.

During the meeting, several programs were discussed to provide employment opportunities, vocational training and employment opportunities for Pakistani youth and economic development.

It was not immediately clear when the advisers met. Boukhari accompanied Prime Minister Imran Khan during his first visit to Washington earlier this week.

The visit was seen as a way to revive relations between Pakistan and the United States. After visiting Twitter, Prime Minister Trump thanked his “understanding of Pakistan’s view” and “a great way to reassure our entire delegation” and to show it to the White House.

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