This comedy show thinks to beat your wife and recording it is funny

Actor and singer Mohsen Abbas Haidar was recently removed from the host of the evening talk show Mazq Raat after his wife was subjected to abuse and domestic violence, but this did not prevent other programs from blocking the issue with “bad” content.

This week, GNN Joke Dar Joke broadcast an outline with the hosts asking about the director of a fictional film, Matkoo, and his wife, who was allegedly beaten on stage.

When the director’s wife details her husband’s treachery and violence against her, the program’s sponsors constantly interrupted her, justified the abuse, asked her to change her tone, and generally did not complain much about the physical and emotional pain he felt.

One of the hosts commented that if the wife continued to communicate with others about what had happened to her, the fact that she would receive a new beating, while she could convey her pain, must have a beautiful face. This does not make others feel uncomfortable. Yikes

In addition, in the section, it turned out that the director also recorded that his wife was being abused, claiming to be “correct” for inclusion in her sharp films. On the other hand, the fact that the marriage of the spouses was one of the two marriages chosen, “the marriage of love”, is taken for granted, as if such violence could prevent abuse.

Comedy and ridicule have an implicit aim of referring to the irrational, alleviating anxiety and uncomfortable discomfort. Domestic violence is a serious problem that should not be underestimated and is a real and continuing experience for many. Instead of climbing, Joke Dar Joke seems to lose his way and heading towards a very poorly placed area.

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